Stainless Products

This unique material provides corrosion resistant properties that make it an excellent choice for various applications. In the past stainless steel was considered too costly for general purposes, however, as economy of scale drives down prices, engineers and designers around the world are reaping the benefits. Though still more expensive than carbon steel, stainless offers advantages that can only be realized over the life of a product.

In addition to corrosion resistance, stainless steel offers a significant strength to weight advantage, its fire and heat resistant, easy to fabricate, aesthetically attractive in appearance, and ideal for hygienic applications.

As a single source supplier of stainless steel to customers in the region, we carry all major classifications of stainless steel, including 200 Series Austenitic, in grades of 201 to 205, which provides high strength, material is non-magnetic, and has excellent formability characteristics.

The 300 Series Austenitic, includes grades from 301 to 384. This material is ideal for use in food and chemical equipment, as well as architectural applications.

400 Series Ferritic and Martensitic include grades from 401 to 446. 400 Ferritic is widely used for automotive trim and cooking utensils, while 400 Martensitic is typically used for fasteners, pump shafts, and turbine blades.

We also offer precipitation hardened alloys in martensitic or austenitic, which are ideal for valves, gears, and various petro-chem applications.

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